From now on more rest:

VanderAa accordions now exists over
36 years and still ongoing.
I have been enjoying it all these years
to work on my instruments, but now it is
time for me to take some more rest.
From now on I only take new orders
For my existing customers I will offer
all service.

> Inform without obligation <

Busy with making music.

I want to make more music for the coming
years and put my own compositions on
paper, etc. Performances with my own
groups is also on my wish list.
My Bands:

Duo D'Alucia
Together with my partner Lucie Huijs
(All kinds of whistles)
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Duo Toll & Aa
Together with my friend Johan Tollenaar
(Diatonic accordion, all kind Whistles, Violin
and Vocals)
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Trio FastSand
Together with my friend Paul van Zantvliet
(Violin) and my partner Lucie Huijs
(all kind whistles)
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